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My Depraved Valentine

What the hell is up everyone?!

It is that time again. New Month… New things going down. Depraved Nation is getting ready kick in February with their newest Second Life Showcased Event: My Depraved Valentine.


This is a PAID Hunt all gifts being 9L or under. You will get the hang of it.

This hunt has some amazing contributors and prizes. They include:
=Razorblade Jacket= Croire Acide ALI COUTURE Shush Ducknipple Cheeky Pea Atypical Sassy Kitty Birth REPULSE AMERICAN BAZAAR Orion NeverM0re LouLou&Co Endless Pain Tattoos Chrysallis Labs Indyra Originals Miu Virtual Insanity KOSH AQ face tattoos CONCRETE FLOWERS Raw House KIM LoQ Hairs Para Designs Acid & Mala Xplosion DECO Buttercups IrEn sur+ Insanya Pixel Dolls Hollie Pocket Blitzed Old Dirty Bastards {what next} paper.doll ::COOL BEANS::.:[RatzCatz]:. [bubble] .HoD. Sweet ‘N’ Tart Blow-Up Fierce Designs Heap Flipside Sonic Death Monkey Le’ Boom Sour Pickles and maybe more!

Here are the Start Gifts from =Razorblade Jacket=

Remember the Start Is =Razorblade Jacket= in the Heart of Depraved Nation. See you bishes There!


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