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For a Short time some amazing designers are participating in the February Cycle of CHIC Limited Run by Miss Keira Seerose!
=Razorblade Jacket= was invited this time around and I was happy to accept the invitation.
Each store is releasing one Exclusive item to be sold at this event only. It will only be available during this time at CHIC Limited. The February Theme: THE ANTI VALENTINE!
The following stores in the Febuary Cycle are as follows *but not limited to*:
=Razorblade Jacket=
Lacie CakesGOSLassitude & EnnuiPeqe!faintGlam AffairElikatiraRaw HouseDeetaleZDi’s Opera[LAP]{what next}Dark Mouse*diavolicious*HucciMagoa{ Zeery } Color CoutureBOUNCEdilly dollsLa Petite Morte
Visit CHIC Limited until Feb 26th @ 3pm *before it closes* in world HERE.
Here is the Exclusive Item from =Razorblade Jacket= – enjoy:


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