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Menstuff Feb. 2011 Comes to a Close

Hey Depraved,

I was invited this month by Ivy Maverick to be a judge in the February 2011 Menstuff Photo competition.

As one of the 3 judges we had the hard job of picking 3 contestants who put togeather a look based off of the February 2011 Menstuff hunt gifts. With nearly  6000 group members  and tons of entries it was narrowed down to 10 finalist. Today at  1pm SLT they walked the boardwalk in the packed Maverick SIM on Second Life. Not a free seat in the house and with the SIM ready to burst at the seams it was the place to be.

The finalist were narrowed down from 10 to 5… then 5 to 3… and then the winner.

Coming in first place was Duke Arsenault winning 30 Thousand Linden.

2nd and 3rd place was a tie by Mack Anthony and Maverick Frentis each taking home 7500 Linden.

Grats to all of you for working your asses off – winners, finalists, and everyone else that entered.

Thanks to fellow judges Yelmer Pfeffer and Alianna Logan. Thanks to Ivy Maverick for inviting me to join this event and for organizing a really great Gridwide hunt, with over 150 stores.

See you guys at the next one,

Kehl Razor


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