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Hey Depraved,

The Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Opened today.  Over 400 Builders/Designers around the grid have come togeather to help support relief in response to the devastating 8.9 Earthquake in Northern Japan and the aftermath taking place  in the surrounding areas.

=Razorblade Jacket= is putting out 2 items to support this event. 100% of all proceeds from these items will be sent directly to charity. One for guys and one for girls.

Please come visit this event in Second Life at the following SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/World%20of%20Beauty/205/147/1003

This event has already raised over 1 Million Linden and just opened this morning. Please Come visit, spend money for charity, and spread the word.

PCF is a joint effort being organized by Heather Smithson (Depraved Nation), Keira Seerose (Chic Management), and Sanura Snowpaw (Wear Gray for a Day).  In addition we are working closely with Patrick Throrkvel and Joy Teskat who are in charge of music events being organized to benefit the fundraiser,  Aurora Deischer, Prue Genira, Inex Hax, Sasy Scarborough, Whimsy Winx and Monica Outlander who are working with us to ensure everything runs smoothly.  Land and Prim use was generously donated by Glam Affair at no cost, and we’ve currently got over 400 designers who are offering at least 1 item for 100% donation, several are offering more than one and others are offering additional items at 50% donation.

All proceeds raised from this event will be sent to the charity AmeriCares.


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