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June 1st Events!!!

Hey Guys,

Here is some info on some of the things I am involved in June.

Depraved Nation is hosting the start point of Depraved Summer Nights Grid Wide Hunt. See start Slurs and other info HERE: https://depravednation.wordpress.com/depraved-summer-nights/

This hunt has 5 bonus locations that CANNOT be found on the blog – you must move threw the whole hunt to find them.

=Razorblade Jacket= is the start store and here are a couple of gifts that are in the hunt:


=Razorblade Jacket= is also particpating in the 2 Hot for U Hunt with this gift


The Zombie Popcorn Hunt also kicks off today! Here is the gift =Razorblade Jacket= will have out:


Also the Tree of Hope American Cancer Society Hunt is starting today I believe. There was a slight delay but when that hunt starts up I have made a Cancer Warrior Shirt for it:

(This hunt I believe is 10L a gift all proceeds going in world to American Cancer Society but check with the hunt group for more details).


Stay tuned this month for more events! Depraved Dealers starts on the 5th I will post more here when that opens. More things to come until then have some kick ass hunting.



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