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Geekism Hunt!

Sooooo crazy dates on this hunt lol. I was late cause I was busy watching Babylon 5 episodes. Not really, but wouldn’t that be great for this hunt if that was the reason.

This hunt goes from 6/23 – 7/13 (I think).

Here is the prize from =Razorblade Jacket=:

(I actually made a bonus gift as well because I forgot).


Yeah, I did spend most of the early 90’s blowing on Nintendo Cartridges. Especially DONKEY KONG DOES THIS GAME EVER ACTUALLY END JESUS CHRIST.

And Legendary Wings. How horrifically hard did some jack ass think up that game. 3 lives was bullshit. Yes, Mario 1 I could play the first lvl with my eyes closed and I pretty much thought the secrete turtle was prob the most ninja shit of all time. You weren’t really anyone in my circle of friends if you couldn’t get it. Ninja Turtles on Nintendo. If I had known what slitting my wrists was back then I would of done it. Another water level? Oh please I need just a little more despair in this great childhood.

Here is the Bonus gift:


After playing enough Nintendo that is basically what I felt like. Plus I always thought… how  funny would that be if something like that happend while your were playing ‘I Spy’ on one of those mind numbing family road trips. Talk about spicing things up a little. (It would really actually be horrible I just never considered things like that when I was 8).

Happy Hunting… BTW. The hunt gift looks like a Nintendo.  Go…. your destiny awaits you.


-Kehl Razor



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