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Mens 24 =Razorblade Jacket=


I really hate trying to sum stuff up at 3am about who all is doing what in an event. Basically  a bunch of people / organization (Siren Productions is the main one) / and Stores (KMADD is another main one)  put togeather the Mens 24. 24 designers have shops on the Mens 24 sim. Each designer has created an exclusive item they are only selling 100 of ever. They asked me to do this event and  I said yes. Here is my item:

It comes with all the stuff in the picture. 499L. Only 100 copies.


I would hurry down and check out the event. There is a lot of good stuff there and it will only be up for a week or so. There is parties and fashion shows I believe going on also. More information should be at the sim for those.


Check it out ^^

SLURL IS http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/KMADD%20Events/230/198/23


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