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There’s No Rumor About It…

As the month comes to an end, Depraved Nation is taking on a huge expansion. So many changes taking place at one time. Kehl’s been busy with rebuilding the sim and it looks AWESOME! Can’t wait til it opens so everyone can come by and enjoy it with us! There are other things happening here as well. Depraved Nation is proud to be an official sponsor to the Seraphim blog. In just a few short days this group will call Depraved Nation home, moving thier HQ onto the sim, this group of enthusiastic bloggers will be set up and ready to give you all the event coverage you can handle! Let me give you just a few details about who they are (if you don’t already know) and what they are doing.

Seraphim has brought a refreshing new perspective to the SL blogging trend and these bloggers are everywhere. Covering events from exclusive sale releases to hunts to weekly discounts from your favorite merchants, they’ve left quite an impression on the blogging community. In such a short period of time this group of bloggers has really made their presence known, and they’ve done so in such a positive way we are really excited to be working more closely with them. A big thanks goes out to those of you spreading the word, be it good or bad, and shedding some light on what I would consider one of the best blog sites I’ve been exposed to, to date.  Check them out!  http://seraphimsl.com/

Vixen Thibedeau, Seraphim founder, along side her staff of 12 eager bloggers has taken SL blogging and put a whole new twist on it. The staff at Seraphim remain very positive as they wander around the grid looking for the next event to cover. They’ve combined their fashion sense and individual personalities with common courtesy, while respecting the fact that each person has their own unique style, this is definetely something the SL blogging community was lacking.

In celebration of their HQ grand opening, as a way of saying thanks to readers and supporters of their blog, the Seraphim staff along with official sponsors and supporting designers have set up an area for members complete with welcome gifts. If you’d like to become a member you may visit their HQ here and click the group joiner, make sure you grab these awesome gifts before you head out! I don’t have ALL the specifics yet but, from what I hear, there are a lot of good things to come. So stick around and let these bloggers show you what they’re really all about, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. (Some of the gifts currently available at Seraphim HQ shown below)

Seraphim is also sponsored by Cheeky Pea, Sea Hole, Collabor88, The Nest, Embody Shapes and Poses, Aura, Urbanized and Vintage Fair just to name a few. For a complete list of sponsors, covered events, or more information please visit the Seraphim blog and make sure as you’re browsing through, that you give each of them a firm swat on the backside for all the hard work they’ve put into this, in such a short period of time.

See you around the grid!

Depraved Nation

***JUST AN FYI*** I am not, nor do I claim to be, some great, professional blogger with lots of creativity, photo shopping skills, or flawless posting…Yes, I see the mistakes I made even misspelling…I did some of these at like 2 am and I’m too lazy to fix them 🙂 I am confident that anyone who may read this, is smart enough to recognize and figure out any typo I may have made.


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