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=Razorblade Jacket= Mid November Events

Hey Depraved Fools,

I am leaving for a week in RL and will not be on SL much if at all so  I am posting all my events through the 18th.

The first is the Nov. 2011 MENSTUFF Hunt! This hunt is always kick ass and youcan check more info about it at the Menstuff Blog.


Here is the =Razorblade Jacket= Hunt gift for all you Bad Ass Muther Fuckers:

Next on the list is The Black Market Sale Event. The Black Market is being put on by FLTO. Each designer will put out an exclusive item to ONLY be sold at The Black Market Venue. They will also include 4-5 Other items to be sold at a discounted rate from their store. You can stay tuned for that by visiting the FLTO Blog.


Here is the =Razorblade Jacket= Item for the Black Market –

Another hunt! The Zodiac Hunt! I think Zodiac symbos and all that kind of stuff is cool. I don’t believe any of it but it is something interesting to read I guess. I got 2 diff signs. The Chinese calendar year of the Dog and year of the Horse. I made 2 shirts for this hunt gift.Each shirt has the corresponding symbol of the Chinese Sign. I am acutally born in the year of the Dog so good planning on the hunt people’s part. ^^


Here is the =Razorblade Jacket= Hunt gift for the Zodiac Hunt:

ANIME HUNT! I think good anime is some of the most amazing stuff ever created. There is a lot of bad anime to lol. One of my favorite (we wont even begin to mention anything final fantasy related or this blog will never end) amines is one called Mushishi. It is about some dude running around communicating or purging Mushi (ghost like entities that exist in the realm between life and death…. really weird shit). Another called Angel Beats. About a group of dead highschoolers trying to find their way out of High school purgatory. Great plot line. Prob sums up a lot of people’s high school days (cept for the dead part). If you want something a little harder try Highschool of the Dead. About a High school invaded by the zombie apocalypse.  I decided to make something from Angel Beats due to the fact that I have no knowledge on how to create a Mushi and would prob piss myself if I did.

In Angel Beats they had a high school band called GIRLS DEAD MONSTER! Awesome name. But I decided in honor of that Band I would create a shirt for them. This shirt will never be sold on SL from my store so if you want it get it while its free in this Hunt. Read more about the Anime Hunt and get info Here.


=Razorblade Jacket Anime Hunt Gift:

I think this is all for now.

I will be back with new releases soon and more events that start toward the end of Nov. Thanks for Reading and Stay tuned for more ^

Kehl Razor


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