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One shop that is on Depraved Nation is having a huge Mainstore sale! The Plastik has marked down nearly everything in the store!

This is not without reason. She is trying to raise money to recover her broken hard drive.

“I started making and building in Second life in 2003-2004. I’ve had many shops over the years, made many things, and i still have every single piece, every file, every texture. Until a few days ago.
I store all of my work on a massive, 4TB Hard Drive. Everything is on it, my entire life, every picture ive ever taken, every scrap of work. A few days ago, it fell onto the tile floor, about a 2 foot drop, and the reading arm broke.

My computer is basically empty, i have none of my PSD’s or any of my files anymore, unless I can get that drive fixed. Ive gone to several places and the average price of fixing it is around 1200$.  The reason its so expensive is because the Reading Arm is broken, and to fix that you have to take apart the hard drive, which cannot be done unless you’re in a sanitary clean room or a dustfree environment. If one speck of dust gets on the reader heads, it can damage your hard drive permanently.

Bottom line: I’ve got to raise the money to get this fixed, or i’ll be starting over from scratch on EVERYTHING.”

-Aikeo Rieko

I heard she is not far off from her goal of raising the money she needs! So head down… take advantage of a great sale that will ultimately help a great designer get their stuff back.

SLURL is here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife//116/158/135

More information about The PLASTIK can be found here if you are unfamiliar with the brand. I have personally used her skins in tons of my vendor photos for a long time so it is worth checking out!  Her Blog is Here: http://tokeoplastik.wordpress.com/


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