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Tricked Out & Depraved – Gacha Street Fair

Oct. 17 – 31

What’s a “GACHA”? A Gacha is a scripted object that contains multiple items it distributes at random when an individual purchases the item at its designated price. Generally Gachas range in price depending on designers content, but are typically priced reasonably low in comparison to the quality items you’ll receive.

Depraved Nation will be Hosting their Halloween Gacha Fair from Oct. 17 – 31 right here on the Depraved Nation SIM. We’ll have a designated area of the sim set up with gacha machines that hold lots of goodies from some of your favorite designers.

***Participating Designers***

Razorblade Jacket, A-Typical, Just You Jewels, Sweet’n’Tart, Insanya, bubble, Fierce Designs, SAKIDE, Argyle Anonymous, VIRTUAL/INSANITY, Endless Pain Tattoos, IrEn, Leri Miles Designs, Acide, Holli Pocket, Lemons & Cream, Ancayi, Para Designs, Death Row Designs, LouLou&Co., Hysteria, AQ Face Tattoos, Ol’ Dirty Bastards, Epic, Sweet Antidote, Beautifully Grotesque, croire, Blow-Up,  Es’ Cusi & REPULSE (his isn’t out yet cuz he keeps falling asleep, but dont give up hope!)

And….just because we love our eager hunters SOOO much! From the 29-31 participating stores will have a special freebie set out in their outlet shops OR hidden somewhere around the Sim, so you can wander around the mall and look for skulls that you can purchase for 0L$. Never know what you might find…

This is an EXCLUSIVE event, open only to designers on the Depraved Nation SIM or those hand picked by Kehl or myself, so you can be assured you’re bound to find something that’s just right for everyone!

As always, our main goal is to make sure you have fun. Please do NOT mesage designers asking where hunt items are hidden, do not give direct TP’s to hunt prizes and do NOT give specific identifying information in group chat, this spoils the fun of the hunt for everyone.

Make sure you join the Depraved Events group to keep up to date on who’s doing who or what, when and why…it’s useful for hunt questions as well. Check out our blog for more information and if you encounter problems during the event that have NOT already been posted on the blog, please send an IM to Heather Smithson so the problem can be taken care of ASAP!

Heather Smithson
Depraved Nation

Here’s a small sample of what the designers have put out for the event..come by the sim to check out the rest!

<img class="alignnone size-thumbnail wp-image-1306" title="Razorblade Jacket Tanks Shirt GACHA Fest"
src=”https://depravednation.files.wordpress.com/2011/10/razorblade-jacket-tanks-shirt-gacha-fest.png?w=150&#8243; alt=”” width=”150″ height=”150″ />


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