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Razorblade Jacket

Hey you…yeah you…tired of blending in…then drag your ass down to Razorblade Jacket and buy the clothes that would make your Mother proud.   At the Depraved Mall you’ll find everything and if we don’t have what you’re looking for then you don’t know what fashion is.   Depraved Nation…where you’ll find everything you never knew you were looking for!

We carry – Band shirts, Tanks, Some piercings, Grungy Clothes, Alternative clothing, Prim based Shirts, cuffed Jeans, Leggings, Grunge Tights and a lot of BLOODY THINGS.

Razorblade Jacket participates in Hunts every month Grid Wide. We work really hard on making our items worth coming for.

We are the starting point for some kick ass hunts and are active in a lot of kick ass events over the grid.

Razorblade Jacket is always looking for charity events and fashion fairs to be a part of so if you are interested in having them at an event please send a notecard to Infamous Parabola.

WE ALSO do Custom work! Note card your ideas to Infamous Parabola. Customs Start a 3000L and up. But we can make them say or do just about anything . Time frame is based on the store work load but we try and do it as soon as possible. So you want to call your friend a douche? There is no better way than to have it put on a shirt and sending it to them with custom fonts/names/ and colors!

See you all soon.



Razorblade Jacket is owned and operated by Kehl Razor and Heather Smithson. For Immediate issues contact them directly.


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  1. Hey nice site

    February 23, 2011 at 2:13 am

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